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    Infused with Local Island Flavors

    840 Wainee St. Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

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  • We're Open for Dinner 5:00-8:00 pm (Tuesday to Saturday)

    Live Music! Free parking! Kama’aina!

    Taco Tuesdays 5-7 pm w/Loud Aloha Shirt Night Contest & Discounts! Wednesday Family Night meal comes w Family Size Dessert!

    BYOB and enjoy live music.

  • About Us

    Locally sourced, thoughtfully created with Love and Care for those we serve!

    We are family run and family operated & We’re dedicated to serving others!

    Our mission is to serve our community by offering health-conscious, homemade Gourmet Mexican comfort food inspired by tradition and created with local flavors at affordable prices

  • Menu Selections

    New Items available daily for Chef's Special Dinner menu. Kama’aina all day!!!


    Aina (Land)

    *All taco plates served with Spanish rice and seasoned beans, plus homemade blue corn tortillas!-
    * Burritos served with chips and house tropical salsa
    Single Tacos 8.99 / Plates (3) tacos / Burrito Plate 17.99


    Pork slow cooked with traditional and local flavors, local grown fresh seasonal garnish

    CARNE Birria Coyote Style (Beef)

    Beef braised with local and traditional flavors, fresh pickled garnish

    POLLO VERDE (Chicken-

    Chicken slow cooked with local traditional seasonings, fresh pickled garnish


    Kai (Sea)


    Shrimp seared with local fresh flavors, Chef’s jalapeño slaw, tropical salsa.

    Taco 9.99/ Burrito Plate 19.99/ Tacos (3) Plate


    Catch of the day seared w/ local seasoning and flavors, Chef’s slaw, tropical salsa.

    Taco 9.99/Burrito Plate 19.99/ Taco Plate (3)


    Taco Plates and Quesadillas

    Meat-Aina Tacos Plate

    Three Aina tacos, beans, seasoned rice.

    Choices: Chicken, Beef or Pork

    Seafood- Kai Tacos Plate

    Three Kai tacos, slaw, beans, seasoned rice
    Choices: Fish or Shrimp

    Veggie Taco Plate

    Three Local Mixed Veggie Tacos, beans and seasoned rice

    Quesadilla Meal - Large cheese Quesadilla, chips & house salsa $11.99. Add meat 5 Add seafood 7

    Large cheese Quesadilla, chips & house salsa
    Add meat 5 Add seafood 7



    • Beans $4.99 vegetarian
    • Seasoned Rice $4.99 vegetarian
    • Chef’s Jalapeño Slaw $5.99
    • Sweet Jalapeño Corn Fritters (4) $5.99
    • Handmade Corn Tortillas (3) $5.99
    • Daily Dessert Specials plus Lil Coyote’s $8.99
    • Ceviche (Fresh local Mahi, tomato, onion, limes) and Chips $14.99 (When avail)
    • Fresh Guacamole and Chips $13.99

  • Bowls

    Hungry Coyote Bowl: Seasoned rice, beans, daily vegetables or choice of protein or seafood and local grown garnish, and hot/mild sauce

    $15veggie $17meat $19 seafood

    Vegetarian Selections

    Homemade Corn Tortilla with Mixed Seasonal Veggie and Bean Puree, Local Seasonal Garnish 6.99


    Delicious Vegetarian Medley Plate: 3 tacos, beans, seasoned rice 21.99


    Grilled Veggie Wrap (New!) XL Tortilla with Grilled Upcountry Veggie Medley, Blended Cheeses, Romaine & Tomato, Avocado Jalapeno Lime Aioli! Served with Chips & Tropical Salsa. Delicious! 14.99 add protein 5 seafood 7

    Ensalada = Salad Bowls

    Chef’s Special: Local greens, black beans, Nopales, local garnish, corn and choice of protein/seafood, House Avocado Jalapeño dressing.


    Vegetarian 14.99

    Aina -Meat 16.99

    Kai -Seafood 18.99

    Keiki - Children's Menu

    Comes with rice, beans and surprise

    (ages 0-10)

    Cheese Corn Quesadilla Meal 7.99

    Chicken Taco Meal 7.99

    Bean and Cheese Burrito 7.99

    Abuelita’s Dessert of the day!

    Could be a delicious homemade pineapple cake, chocolate explosion or something else delicious she has dreamed up!

    $8.99 serves 2

  • Sunset Dinner Romance Box (x2)!


    Choice of Big Burrito, Coyote Bowls, Tasty Tacos or Salad Bowls.

    Choice of Veggies or Chicken/ Beef / Pork / Fish/Shrimp.

    Sides include Blue Corn Chips and Tropical Salsa and Homemade Dessert. BYOB -


    Includes a local map of Public Picnic Tables for Ultimate Sunset Viewing!


    $49.99 serves 2

  • Contact Us - Ask Kama’aina

    We're Open Tues - Sat 5-8:30 pm dinner and Fri - Sat 11-2:00pm for Brunch.

    Available for Catering and Special Events!!!

    840 Wainee St, Lahaina, HI 96761



    Nezahualcoyotl (translates to: Hungry Coyote) was a great king and noble leader of the Aztec Empire. Known as the Poet King, he filled his court with philosophers, engineers, artists and musicians; established the rule of law, scholarship and artistry; designed some of the most famous Aztec achievements; and led his people through a golden age of peace and prosperity. It is in this spirit - one that embraces human potential, the importance of community and the celebration of vibrant culture - that we bring you Hungry Coyote. Welcome and enjoy!


    P.S. ask Chef his middle name ???😬

  • “Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumus”

    "Not for alone ourselves we are born"

    We have a teen recruitment program from our local shelter. We train, pay, teach job skills and build resumes, in order to provide a brighter future. 

    We recruited teens 15+ to learn everything from sanitation to Sous Chef and help with job skills, resume building, references, bank accounts and teach living in shelter is not their choice nor their path. 

    We’ve had 3 successful recruits and 2 successful homeless persons gain employment.